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What To Do With A Sticky Lock?

Locksmith Near Me – Have you ever hand the problem of a key jamming in the lock? Sometimes you have to get a pair of plyers to grip the key with leverage to pull out the key. If you are reaching for pliers you have gone too far. It is time to use cheap and simple solutions. However like every simple solution there is a downside. Let’s start with WD-40 the fastest way to lubricate a lock. WD-40 is great and will solve the problem for a while until a warm day comes and lubricate just evaporates. Another problem with WD-40 is that it attracts dust, sand or dirt. This just begins to compound the problem. Another short term solution is graphite dust. Again this is a short term problem call a Locksmith Chicago. Every time you put your key in and extract the key the key becomes a black dirt spot on your clothes. These are just simple solutions that locksmiths advice to do but do not fix the original problem.

Let’s understand the problem once more.  Why is the lock and key failing? These are the many reasons locksmiths in Newton see year after year while performing lock changes in both auto, residential and commercial locks. The first and most obvious is the key is worn out. Ninety percent of keys are made of soft materials. Within 10 years they begin to lose their high edges.  This just does not allow the key pin to be pushed into position. The second reason is that people jam the wrong key into the lock damaging the key pin system. If you put the wrong key in and use plyers to pull it out the results can be damaging.  Especially in a car application the wafers are easily damaged. I have remove house keys from car locks, people make all kinds of mistakes when they are not thinking.

So this is the solution.  Make sure house lock is unlocked. Get a hammer and common 16 penny nail. Insert nail into old lock and drive the nail deep into the lock.  This will make you call a lock smith to change the lockset to a new lockset.  Call Bay State Locksmith today a Locksmith Near Me.